October 26, 2021

Las Vegas


Las Vegas Travel Guide

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Las Vegas Strip

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Travel journal from our Las Vegas trips

We have visit Las Vegas a lot of times, from couple of days up to six month on a year. We have now also a house close to the Las Vegas Strip that is possible to rent. Down below you can read stories from two of our trips, one of them is our first one.

Emil, 30 June
We have had active days here in Las Vegas, fired machine guns, playing baseball and going by helicopter over the Las Vegas Strip. Yesterday we were at Lake Mead and drove Jet Skis and power boat with water skis. We thought everything that was really fun, especially the helicopter tour and the waterskiing! Tabbe and Linus couldn’t join the trip to Lake Mead; they burnt a little too much on their road trip from Las Vegas to San Diego. The day before yesterday it was time for a new Las Vegas show, Joel and I picked Mystére by Cirque de Soleil, while Bjorn and Martin were at Penn & Teller.

Emil, 22 June
Right now I´m sit on the balcony on MGM Signature, in the morning sun and looks out over the airport with a bunch of helicopters just a few hundred meters from me. Most of these helicopters fly from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon.

Yesterday we all were at the pool; it was really hot but nice! Then we played poker (cash games) before I and Joel went to Rio to play one WSOP event. I forgot to eat lunch, so when we went to a bar to buy some bananas and one of the girls at the counter asked me “Are you like … models?” I know that I’m pretty hot, but people do not usually pay attention only 🙂

From our first Las Vegas Trip

Emil, 12 July
Yesterday won’t be hard to remember. After we ate at the Palace Station (A bad casino about 1km from the Las Vegas Strip) we got a limousine to the airport, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour was coming up! Once at the airport we had to wait half an hour and then we jumped into the helicopter. I, Joel, Tabbe and Bjorn (together with two girls) went together. It was a very nice feeling to lift from the ground. Before we took off from the airport, we were hovering about 1 m above ground. It was great! 45 minutes later we had past the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, and landed down in the Grand Canyon. It was large and cool! We walked around the bottom of the Grand Canyon for a while and then got a small meal with champagne.

We flew home at the sunset, which was beautiful! We flow over the Las Vegas Strip and rounded a few hotels before the landing. Las Vegas Strip by night was the perfect ending of this wonderful helicopter tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. We had decided that after the tour go and see the show “Fantasy” at Luxor (the pyramid, at the Las Vegas Strip). That’s a classic Las Vegas show with a guy who jokes and dancing + a lot of girls who sometimes dances topless. The show began pretty late at 1o.30pm. Each one of us got a Las Vegas party starter drink, there were huge! We had a really fun night in Las Vegas after this.

Emil, 11 July
Today was a good day. We started by going to the Stratosphere’s buffet. There we got an old man to the waitress, he walked extremely slowly but was still glad when he to our plates, poor thing having to work at 70-80 years of age. We gave him $ 200 in tips; he shone up a little extra when he got it! 🙂
Daniel, me, Joel and Martin went then up to the top of Stratosphere (there is a 350 m high tower with excellent views of the Las Vegas), where they have built three different attractions. Big Shot was our favorite of those.

We wanted to go when it was dark as well so we went down and played some poker in the casino, (I won $ 40), but when we went up again, they had a 45 minute queue. Luckily you can buy past the