December 4, 2021

Grand Canyon Tours

Here are short introductions to the tours that are available to Grand Canyon starting from Las Vegas.

Helicopter tours

The most convenient tour to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is definitely by helicopter. It is quite spectacular to see the Grand Canyon from above. Air time is only 45 minutes one-way which makes for time-effective tours. A champagne picnic after landing inside the canyon is usually included. Highly recommended!

Bus tours

Going by bus is cheaper than by helicopter but it takes longer time. A bus tour takes the whole day, a good thing is that you will get at least a few hours on the site. The bus usually goes to the Grand Canyon south rim where options such as walking on the skywalk (a viewing platform) and taking a helicopter to the bottom is available.

Airplane tours

Another way to go to the Grand Canyon is by air plane. Air times are a bit shorter and it is possible to go to the Grand Canyon south rim (helicopters fly to the west rim).